Writing Tip # 1

Oh we all know how much we love commenting about everything. And when it comes to writing, papers are filled with claims such as, ‘over 90 percent of the girls resort to a strict diet plan at least once in their life!’ Well, who said so? I guess there are several lucky ones who never need to (And sadly, I am not among them) Or assumptions like ‘sleeping less gives you a series of nightmares’ (Ask me)

But every piece of writing has opinions, judgments and claims, then why are we complicating things?

                                       Well, hang in there!

If you will submit such a paper, your instructor would surely give you a bad grade. Don’t worry! You just need to cite them. Always remember, every claim is followed by a fact that is authenticated using a citation. And what do I mean by that? Well, stay tuned for the upcoming citation guide.