Writing Tip # 2

Spending a week to complete an important assignment requires at least an hour to scrutinize it. Don’t you think that?

We often forget revising our work. Well this isn’t only true for exam answers but also for homework assignments. Running out of time? No issues. Check for the following key issues which won’t take long:

– Quickly examine the format. Make sure there is a proper heading for every section and most importantly Page Numbers (remove that page number from the cover page!)

– Word does the magic with grammar and spellings!

– Look for a thesis statement. Find topic sentences for each paragraph. Ensure flow in your text.

– Re-read your abstract and conclusion; most important yet mainly ignored sections of any paper.

– Check for the proper referencing style

Bingo! Your paper is ready to be submitted.


Writing Tip # 1

Oh we all know how much we love commenting about everything. And when it comes to writing, papers are filled with claims such as, ‘over 90 percent of the girls resort to a strict diet plan at least once in their life!’ Well, who said so? I guess there are several lucky ones who never need to (And sadly, I am not among them) Or assumptions like ‘sleeping less gives you a series of nightmares’ (Ask me)

But every piece of writing has opinions, judgments and claims, then why are we complicating things?

                                       Well, hang in there!

If you will submit such a paper, your instructor would surely give you a bad grade. Don’t worry! You just need to cite them. Always remember, every claim is followed by a fact that is authenticated using a citation. And what do I mean by that? Well, stay tuned for the upcoming citation guide.