The purpose-fool life

I think since the time I graduated, I only have one question; for myself, and for others, what is the purpose of life? Want to know the wide variety of answers I receive, here you go!

  • Kneel down and pray to God, that is the purpose of life girl
  • Party
  • Study
  • Cook and produce children- SERIOUSLY?

Life is so confusing and I often feel so lost. Human beings are very silly. They run after things like crazy and when they get it, they just leave it or change their direction. Why are we like this? Why do we eye those cute girls and guys when we have our soul mate? Why do we want to run away from our family while we see so many orphans begging on the street? This is a dilemma that I can never resolve.

From your perspective, my life is perfect. With a caring husband and good in-laws, with a Bachelor’s degree, gold medals, writing job and an offer from the University of Oxford, you will probably consider me a retard if you find me sad. I am not sad, I am just blank!

I dream of things that no one can achieve. I want to reach the height that is out of my sight. I feel like flying even while wandering the streets. I want that what others don’t want. I don’t want to sit at home be a good wife and serve the family. I want to achieve more. I want that excitement that will give me a high. Don’t you want the same thing?

I started this blog with the aim to establish a SPSS help related business. Turns out that I got so involved with my freelance writing job, that I forgot I had to do something for myself. Now I decide on writing a book on SPSS. Wanna hear it out?

I plan on writing a small handy light weight SPSS guide-book that I wish to see in the hands of every university student. I want my name to be published on that hardcover of a shiny blue book; probably because blue is a color depicting a more formal and educational genre. I want the bookshops to be piled with my piece. I aim to get so successful that not only the universities here invite me to teach and conduct workshops, but I also reach the pinnacle of international recognition. Want to hear more? I dream of being invited to every university at the corner of the poles along with a ticket for my spouse and my future kids. I also expect to have a hotel stay with a limo to travel everywhere. Whenever I pass by the corner, I expect to be called out by kids who have only one aim in their lives; to become like me! Oh, dreams will always be dreams! At least, I can give others a good purpose to live on 😉

Life is short. I cannot waste it finding a purpose. If you can help me, please do because I just helped you find yours! Ciao!


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