Should I title this as ‘A Business Advertisement’ or ‘A Dead Lover’?


While clicking this picture, a thought regarding the ways in which each item continues to inspire me to write, motivated me to share this with everyone. Excited, I thought this would be another start up business advertisement which would attract clients. Alas! Something came in the way. No, it was not an urgent call or a power failure, instead it was the memories of the past…

(UNEDITED- Running thoughts turned into words)

I still remember the day when I was 15. It was a school event but I had taken a day off because my father was hospitalized. One week had passed and there were no signs of recovery. Being a Cancer patient, I saw him lose his voice, his hair and finally his breaths. Only one thing was coherent from the beginning- hope. I hated the way those ‘so-called’ friends used to ask me if I cried looking at the whole situation (what a silly question to ask a depressed soul). Days passed by and I sobbed at a corner. I hid my tears in the darkness of the night not only because I was afraid to express, but also because I did not want to add in to the worries of my mother.

Despite skipping school that day, I got up quite early because of the sleepless nights that had become a routine. Immediately I headed to the lounge where everyone was. Few minutes passed and I saw my brother entering the house with a red face and flooding tears. I can still picture the whole scene; my mum fell down. My sister did not move for hours, and I was in a state of complete denial. Probably it is always difficult to accept such news- those which you never want to hear!

It is my dad’s 8th anniversary tomorrow. Verily, time flies. There are some important people and incidents which we can never forget. They are so important to us that we tend to value them more then material things. The pain of missing him is so intense, that I should probably stop now…


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