I want to save Maira, do you?

As I logged in my Facebook account, I was astonished with what I saw. My panting body froze making me feel every drop of blood that rushed through the veins. $500,000 was certainly a very big amount; but is it more important than a human life? Certainly No!

They say, make the most of your lives because you don’t even know whether you’ll be to see the next day or not. This however, does not mean that spend your time partying, drinking, relaxing, and simply chilling. Life is not only about this; it has more to it. I ask, what is the purpose of your life? How about we join our hands together and say ‘doing good’ is our current goal in life? This will not only help the ones in need and bless you in a number of ways, but it will definitely attract others to participate in this drive. Little Maira is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis and is in a dire need for a lung transplant. She lives in Pakistan; a place that does not treat such illnesses. Consequently, she needs to travel to London for her transplant and for this; she needs to generate a hefty amount of $500,000. It may seem impractical where the ultimate aim will miss the shot, but it is not impossible.

In a huge population that lives below poverty line, fate often plays a tricky role leaving our lives in a dilemma. But if our lives were devoid of such hardships, it would have no meaning. Today, life has given us a reason to unite. Pakistan may not be able to give her another lung, but the country still has that rigor and empathy that runs in the blood of its citizens. Quaid-e-Azam may have laid the principles of unity, faith, and discipline several years ago, but today, he certainly succeeded in having a nation that has that strength to unite and help each other.

I request all of you to help this girl. Even a single penny can make a difference. It doesn’t matter where you live, or to which caste you belong, the aim is to save this girl- to save humanity. It is time to stand up and make a move instead of blaming the government or the society for the haywire. It is your chance to make things right!

For donations, account details are as follows:

Sumera Junaid/ Muhammad Junaid
Local A/c No. 0016-2003521-357
IBAN PK02 SAUD 0000 0020 0352 1357
Silk Bank
Gulshan e iqbal branch

For UK


For more details, check: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BreatheHope4Maira/651028561691968?fref=ts

The purpose-fool life

I think since the time I graduated, I only have one question; for myself, and for others, what is the purpose of life? Want to know the wide variety of answers I receive, here you go!

  • Kneel down and pray to God, that is the purpose of life girl
  • Party
  • Study
  • Cook and produce children- SERIOUSLY?

Life is so confusing and I often feel so lost. Human beings are very silly. They run after things like crazy and when they get it, they just leave it or change their direction. Why are we like this? Why do we eye those cute girls and guys when we have our soul mate? Why do we want to run away from our family while we see so many orphans begging on the street? This is a dilemma that I can never resolve.

From your perspective, my life is perfect. With a caring husband and good in-laws, with a Bachelor’s degree, gold medals, writing job and an offer from the University of Oxford, you will probably consider me a retard if you find me sad. I am not sad, I am just blank!

I dream of things that no one can achieve. I want to reach the height that is out of my sight. I feel like flying even while wandering the streets. I want that what others don’t want. I don’t want to sit at home be a good wife and serve the family. I want to achieve more. I want that excitement that will give me a high. Don’t you want the same thing?

I started this blog with the aim to establish a SPSS help related business. Turns out that I got so involved with my freelance writing job, that I forgot I had to do something for myself. Now I decide on writing a book on SPSS. Wanna hear it out?

I plan on writing a small handy light weight SPSS guide-book that I wish to see in the hands of every university student. I want my name to be published on that hardcover of a shiny blue book; probably because blue is a color depicting a more formal and educational genre. I want the bookshops to be piled with my piece. I aim to get so successful that not only the universities here invite me to teach and conduct workshops, but I also reach the pinnacle of international recognition. Want to hear more? I dream of being invited to every university at the corner of the poles along with a ticket for my spouse and my future kids. I also expect to have a hotel stay with a limo to travel everywhere. Whenever I pass by the corner, I expect to be called out by kids who have only one aim in their lives; to become like me! Oh, dreams will always be dreams! At least, I can give others a good purpose to live on 😉

Life is short. I cannot waste it finding a purpose. If you can help me, please do because I just helped you find yours! Ciao!

Data Collection- SPSS Quick Tip!

Data Collection is a part of your Methodology section. Once you are done with your Introduction and Literature Review, you start collecting the data for your research.

Step 1: Design a questionnaire

Step 2: Get the desired number of questionnaires (based on your sample) filled

Step 3: Code the responses

Step 4: Enter the coded data into the SPSS file


Tip #1: While entering the coded data into your SPSS file, you might come across several questions that have been left blank or unanswered by the respondent. Don’t worry, just leave that box empty while you enter the coded data and SPSS will do its work.

Note: Don’t make the mistake of filling in a zero in place of the blank space because like in the case of money, zero also has a ‘value’ in SPSS!

Caught in the maze of Cronbach’s Alpha!


A typical research environment as well as an end-of-semester scenario is full of expressions such as:

“I have a thesis to submit and I am going crazy.”

“I hate SPSS.”

“My Reliability score is negative. Shit! I have to do it all over again.”

Well, it is not difficult to write a research paper. Despite the stress and fear attached with a thesis or a dissertation, it is one of the best things to do. I am not crazy if I say that. Trust me; it gives you an exciting experience and opportunity to satisfy that curious craving to explore new things.

Designing surveys/questionnaires, pre-testing, getting them filled, coding and finally analyzing the data, is usually the most dreaded moment. One of the reasons for such disgust is the trouble with reliability analysis. To simplify things, let’s take a look at the following article:

Reliability means that upon repeating the same instrument to collect data, the results generated are consistent. In this way, instead of the measure, the reliability of a research is more directed towards the scores. For this reason, a lower score of reliability shows low level of consistently and points at the inaccuracy of data. To test reliability, there are a number of different coefficients which measure specific parameters and their use differs on the basis of the context of a study. This article will focus on Cronbach’s alpha.

The value of Cronbach’s Alpha can vary depending on the number of total items, the way different items measure the same construct, and the extent to which each item is correlated to the other. A value of .6 to 1 is acceptable where a score closer to 1 is more reliable.

Since the magnitude of Alpha can vary on the basis of the internal consistency and correlation of the items, it is important to look at the corrected item-total correlation. This column basically incorporates the correlation between a question item and the sum score of the other remaining items. For instance, if the corrected item-total correlation of a question is .472, it shows the correlation between this question and the sum score of other (total) questions. The value of .472 shows that there is a positive moderate correlation between a question and the combined score of the rest of the questions. It also demonstrates how one item is internally consistent with the composite score of other items. Therefore items showing a very weak score for corrected item-total correlation can be fixed by deleting them. Also, rephrasing, reversed coding, or checking if items measure the construct correctly, can greatly increase the value of the coefficient of reliability. As a matter of fact, when items show perfect correlation, alpha equals to 1. Also while running a reliability check, the column titled as Cronbach’s Alpha if item deleted shows the impact on the Cronbach’s alpha which greatly contributes to the magnitude of alpha.

Thus, since reliability measures how consistent the scores of a study are after repeating it several times, Cronbach’s alpha is the most widely and accurate measure of coefficient of reliability. A value of .8 to 1 is considered highly reliable where alpha equals to 1 in the case when items are perfectly correlated. The magnitude of alpha is greatly affected by the number of the items, the extent to which they measure a construct, the manner in which they are phrased and coded and their correlation with other items. For this reason, the value could increase by deleting some items and by stressing upon raising the internal consistencies and correlation of items.

Writing Tip # 2

Spending a week to complete an important assignment requires at least an hour to scrutinize it. Don’t you think that?

We often forget revising our work. Well this isn’t only true for exam answers but also for homework assignments. Running out of time? No issues. Check for the following key issues which won’t take long:

– Quickly examine the format. Make sure there is a proper heading for every section and most importantly Page Numbers (remove that page number from the cover page!)

– Word does the magic with grammar and spellings!

– Look for a thesis statement. Find topic sentences for each paragraph. Ensure flow in your text.

– Re-read your abstract and conclusion; most important yet mainly ignored sections of any paper.

– Check for the proper referencing style

Bingo! Your paper is ready to be submitted.

Should I title this as ‘A Business Advertisement’ or ‘A Dead Lover’?


While clicking this picture, a thought regarding the ways in which each item continues to inspire me to write, motivated me to share this with everyone. Excited, I thought this would be another start up business advertisement which would attract clients. Alas! Something came in the way. No, it was not an urgent call or a power failure, instead it was the memories of the past…

(UNEDITED- Running thoughts turned into words)

I still remember the day when I was 15. It was a school event but I had taken a day off because my father was hospitalized. One week had passed and there were no signs of recovery. Being a Cancer patient, I saw him lose his voice, his hair and finally his breaths. Only one thing was coherent from the beginning- hope. I hated the way those ‘so-called’ friends used to ask me if I cried looking at the whole situation (what a silly question to ask a depressed soul). Days passed by and I sobbed at a corner. I hid my tears in the darkness of the night not only because I was afraid to express, but also because I did not want to add in to the worries of my mother.

Despite skipping school that day, I got up quite early because of the sleepless nights that had become a routine. Immediately I headed to the lounge where everyone was. Few minutes passed and I saw my brother entering the house with a red face and flooding tears. I can still picture the whole scene; my mum fell down. My sister did not move for hours, and I was in a state of complete denial. Probably it is always difficult to accept such news- those which you never want to hear!

It is my dad’s 8th anniversary tomorrow. Verily, time flies. There are some important people and incidents which we can never forget. They are so important to us that we tend to value them more then material things. The pain of missing him is so intense, that I should probably stop now…